Interestingly, the fastest time also was one of the earliest, set at 37.93 seconds by the late Ivan Tighe in a Chevron B37 single-seater at the second Sprints in 1997.

Subsequent track changes and unfavourable weather have meant a new record is still 1.86 sec. away for the fastest current runner, Dean Amos.

Col Furness Memorial Trophy

Fastest Outright Time

1996 Peter BoelChevron B3439.00 sec.
1997 Ivan TigheChevron B3737.93 sec.
1998 Dean TigheChevron F500045.73 sec.
1999 Rachel SmeatonInfiniti47.33 sec.
2000 Richard PeaseyVector47.69 sec.
2001 Dick WillisCheetah Mk642.05 sec.
2002 Ray VanderseeVan Demon Westfield42.04 sec.
2003 Ray VanderseeVan Demon Westfield41.94 sec.
2004 Wayne ParkFord GT4041.80 sec.
2005 Ray VanderseeSkelta G-Force42.32 sec.
2006 Ray VanderseeSkelta G-Force41.70 sec.
2007 Ray VanderseeSkelta G-Force47.39 sec.
2008 Bill NormanGEK Sports43.76 sec.
2009 Darren DuffieldRPV0150.21 sec.
2010 Ray VanderseeSkelta G-Force48.98 sec.
2011 Warwick HutchinsonVan Diemen RF9247.66 sec.
2012 Warwick HutchinsonVan Dieman RF9246.72 sec.
2013 Warwick HutchinsonVan Diemen RF9244.88 sec.
2014 Dean AmosGould GR3744.40 sec.
2015 Dean AmosGould GR3742.95 sec.
2016 Dean AmosGould GR3742.55 sec.
2017 Dean AmosGould GR55B40.56 sec.
2018 Dean AmosGould GR55B40.15 sec.
2019 Dean AmosGould GR55B39.79 sec.
2020 No event  
2021 Warwick HutchinsonOMS2842.271 sec.
2022 Dean AmosGould GR55B40.66 sec.